The Phonotone Orchestra Concert

The Phonotone Orchestra is bringing back vintage popular music – Syncopated Dance Music and Early Jazz!

WHERE: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1430 J Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814 (at the corner of J and 15th street).

WHEN: February 24, at 4PM


Here is what the newspaper wrote about us:

The Phonotone Orchestra was founded in the summer of 2017, when a number of talented musicians decided to bring back the popular music of the 1920s, 1930s and early 1940s. This music consists of early jazz and syncopated dance music, the “almost forgotten music”, although it was once the most popular music played in the United States and in Western Europe. To be performed properly, this kind of music needs excellent musicianship, a craft learned only over many years of practicing; only traditional instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, string base, piano and vintage drums are played, and of course, singers are employed, too. The Phonotone Orchestra currently consists of 5 band members and has been performing locally since the Fall of 2017, with great acclaim from the audience. The most recent performance was on the PhonotoneClassic radio station when it performed the music for the live New Year’s Eve Radio Play, a radio comedy re-created in the style of the 1930s for the kickoff of this vintage dance music internet radio station that can be heard around the world.

The driving force behind the radio station and the Phonotone Orchestra has been Gerhard Bauer, owner and producer of PhonotoneClassic, who thought it would be wonderful to not only feature restored vintage music recordings, but to also perform this wonderful music live for today’s listeners. He also plays the vintage drums in the band. Kevin Hamby is an accomplished jazz / stride pianist and the orchestra leader, Luis Lupercio is the band’s outstanding saxophone player, Ryan Woempner is a master on the string bass, and Jared Blum is the orchestra’s accomplished trumpet player. Featured vocalists are Elizabeth Unpingco, Colleen Madden and also trumpet player Jared Blum.

On the picture to the right (from left to right): Kevin Hamby, Piano, Jared Blum, Trumpet, Gerhard Bauer, drums, Luis Lupercio, Saxophone, Ryan Woempner, Bass.

On the pictures below: The featured singers Elizabeth Unpingco and Colleen Madden.

Join us on Saturday, February 24, at 4PM at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1430 J Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814



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