The New Year’s Eve Radio Play – Cast photos

Here are the official cast photos for the New Year’s Eve radio play!


PhonotoneClassic Radio is proud to present an original radio comedy entitled “The Br……” Shhhhhhhhh!

I just got slapped by the producer, I am not allowed to reveal the title just yet… Otherwise it would give away the whole story!

But what I am allowed to tell you is who will be in the play:

Michael Edwards will play the radio announcer,

then we have Magnus Rubsam who will play Mr. Robert, a delivery man;

Katrina Fontana will play Dorothy Finch, a seamstress at a movie studio and aspiring radio announcer;

Sean Fleming will play Lester, an aid to a soundman at a movie studio;

Marcus Rubio will play Greg, an aid to about everyone at the movie studio;

and last, but not least, talented Courtney Fiduccia will play Dolly, the receptionist at a radio station.


Oh yes, there is one more mystery character, the producer and…

Ouch, I got slapped again, not allowed to tell you anything more!

You will have to listen to the play on New Year’s Eve, starting at 9 PM Pacific Time on PhonotoneClassic!

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