New Program Schedule

Our new program schedule is starting! Check our Home Page (Radio Page) for the current schedule and broadcast times of our featured shows!

Over the last few months we have been working diligently on producing several featured shows.

Two shows, “Rhythm and Romance” and “Hits and Encores” will be recreations of music programs aired in the 1930s.

With “Rhythm and Romance” we will be featuring music from actual radio transcriptions, and we are also using the original music jingles and announcements, as broadcast in the late 1930s. Mike Edwards is the announcer, and as you will hear, he is doing an absolutely fantastic job recreating the feeling of the time.

“Hits and Encores” will contrast “modern” tunes from the mid to the late 1930s with older tunes from the early 1930s. Mike Edwards is also announcing the titles in this program, and he always makes us smile.

“Modern Music” is an entirely unique creation by Katrina Fontana. She loves the music of the late 1930s and early 1940s and will entertain  you with titles played by the well known (and not so well known) bands of that time period.

We are particularly proud that Jonathan Holmes from the UK, well known record collector, YouTube star and BBC journalist will present the “British Dance Music Programme”. He says that there are so many titles he wants to play for our listeners, and he also has a good number of entertaining stories to tell in between these titles! You don’t want to miss this program!

I am preparing a specialty program for you called “Hallo, hier Radio Wien” (Hello, this is radio Vienna), featuring German, Austrian and international dance music of the 1920s and 1930s. You will be surprised by the quality and variety of dance music that was recorded in the German speaking countries at that time, and of course, I will also tell you some very interesting anecdotes and historic facts.

On Sundays we will bring you recorded (transcribed) music and radio programs as they were broadcast 80 or more years ago. We will put some good variety into these programs, and we will also announce in this blog, ahead of time, what you will be hearing. So keep reading this blog!

And to start off the broadcast week, we will continue our “Favorite Uploads of the Week” show, since we will continue adding restored titles from our 78rpm record collection to our music library, which I believe you have heard, already contains quite a significant number of tunes!

This is quite a step forward for our internet radio station, which I hope you will enjoy with us.

Stay tuned, and keep smiling with our melodies from the past!

Gerhard Bauer, Producer, PhonotoneClassic




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